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Asset Tracking

Asset GPS TrackerAsset tracking is a MUST HAVE in Kenya especially in these times of high crime. Nearly every business owner in Kenya should have an asset tracking device for many reasons. Theft in Kenya is very common. GPS tracking device can not only help you recover your lost asset but can also help stop or recover a kidnapped child.

 Taxi owners in Kenya have no clue what is going on with their fleet. A lot of times, taxi cars in Kenya are used in crimes, carry unauthorized passengers and goods. Matatu owners on the other side have no clue where their matatus are until evening when crew members come home. GPS tracking devices can help take guesswork out of your business. A stealth GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle can alert you when your fleet moves outside certain boundaries, when they stop, they can even tell you for how long they have been stopping. They can also tell you valuable information like speed, kilometers traveled in a given time etc.

There are many reasons why you should start tracking your asset with GPS tracker. Here are a few: -

 Taxi Business: Track your taxi fleet. Know where each fleet unit is at any given time from your cell phone. All you need is a smart phone like a Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, iPhone etc. You can even have an option to shut off your fleet unit remotely if you suspect crime behaviour.

 Matatu Business: Matatus in Kenya needs GPS asset tracking more than anyone else. Why, we all know matatu operators are not among the most honest Kenyans. Get control of your matatu business. Don't let operators own you and your matatu.

 Retail shops: Are you selling major units like appliances, high end furniture or do you work with machines that can be stolen or diverted to do unauthorised work? You need to track your assets with GPS tracker.

 Goods in transit: Just imported valuable merchandize? Use a GPS tracker to track in transits to your warehouse. You are not paranoid; you're just a clever businessman


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  1. Secret Car Tracker

    Secret Car Tracker

    • Track any vehicle in Kenya
    • Track any equipment in kenya
    • Good for use in matatus and lorries
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